The Top 3 DJ Mixers If You’re Just Starting Out

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If you are only starting off as a DJ, you need to have a mixer that you can use comfortably and that are not too complex. Manufacturers are coming up with more features to include in the mixer. Today you will find mixers that have visually stimulating consoles, LCD displays and BPM counters. There are mixers with laptop-based setups as well. As a DJ, you need to pick the right mixer for your unique style. Here are the best mixers that you can choose from as a beginner.

Behringer DJX900USB

This mixer is very popular in clubs and perfect for beginners. There are four channels with an extra fifth input to use for a mic, FX unit or crossfader. There are three EQ buttons on each channel which provides smooth and clean mixes. It has an integrated digital audio interface with USB connectivity so that you can plug in to your laptop directly and play tracks from there. No external sound card is needed. The mixer uses Infinium optical crossfader technology which ensures durability. The low noise preamps make sound quality better.

Rane MP2015

It has been popular in clubs for years. Its design is classic with wooden panel and beautiful chrome knobs. It has mic input and two USB ports. Its exceptional sound quality makes it a favorite among the DJs. You get very low sound distortion with this mixer.

IK Multimedia iRig MIX

It is a portable DJ mixer mainly designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It comes with a free app known as DJ Rig. This app can synch music from one iOS device to another audio source.There are two channels and a crossfader. It is very light and compact and so is portable.

These mixers are perfect for the beginners. The mixers are durable and of very high quality. These will make your DJ parties livelier.

4 Of The Best Audio Controllers for DJs

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DJ controller is an essential part of your DJ booth. You must consider a few factors before you choose a DJ controller. First, is your choice of software. Most DJ controllers are built with a few specific software in mind. There are some controllers which also includes applications. So, your preference of DJ application will affect your choice of DJ controller.

You also need to consider whether you need a built-in audio interface. A good audio interface has the ability to connect turntables or an instrument to the setup. Some controllers can act as stand alone mixers as well. Here are the top DJ controllers to choose from.

Vestax VCI-380

It provides a great level of control over the creative features of the software including sampling, beat slicing and looping. It is designed as an Itch controller. It has two jog wheels and two channels. It includes Serato Itch software.


Denon MC6000MK2

This controller is capable of video mixing through Serato Video. You may require a paid software upgrade. The mixer can be used as stand-alone unit. It has a number of built-in effects. It has two jog wheels and four channels. Serato DJ Intro software is included with it.


Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 and Traktor Kontrol S2

These controllers are shipped with the full software. The S4 has a four channel setup. You can upgrade it to timecoded controls. The S2 has two channels. It offers compact and fun control. Both the controllers include the software Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2.5.


Pioneer DDJ-T1 and DDJ-S1

The have excellent layout and build quality for which these are used in clubs throughout the world. Both the controllers have two wheels and four channels. With the DDJ-T1 controller Traktor Pro DDJT1 Edition software is included and with the DDJ-S1 software Serato Itch software is included.


The size, design, price and quality are also factors to consider before buying a DJ controller. Whichever controller you choose to buy, make sure you are comfortable using it.